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At Automotive Inspection Solutions, all of our pre purchase auto inspection reports include a 150-point bumper to bumper inspection with a comprehensive report and pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. We will also provide you with details regarding the evaluation including the condition of the paint, if there are any scratches, dents, dings, or rust, if there are signs of a previous collision, flooding, fluid leaks, corrosion, any evidence of body filler, signs of substandard repair work, and more.
When permitted, AIS will also perform a test drive of up to five (5) miles and included a detailed evaluation of the performance of the vehicle. This report will include evaluation of the engine, transmission and drive train, steering, suspension, noises, ride quality, wheel and tire vibration, functional equipment such as air conditioning (not tested for amount of refrigerant in system, only visual inspection of leaks and compressor operation), heater, cruise control, power windows, and other electrical components. See our used car inspection  
150 Point Check for more details.



  1984-Newer 1983-Older
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PRICES $125.00 $210.00



·         Oil consumption is not tested

·         Operation of or accuracy of navigation and fuel mileage computers in not tested

·         Mileage fees will be quoted for vehicles outside the inspector's local area

·         The average time frame to complete a Pre-Purchase Inspection is 24-48 hours excluding weekends

·         Vehicles located at a dealership are more likely to be scheduled in a timely manner